Noème Paris House

Noème Paris, the indiscreet perfumer, takes its name from the philosophical concept that refers to what exists outside of human consciousness, hidden from view. The brand's ambition is to cross boundaries and go beyond what is conceivable, appearances, perceptions, and matter. It encourages individuals to let their dreams and imagination speak to discern the essence of the world.

Noeme Paris fragrances celebrate the eternal and unalterable secret of things. They are imaginary and fanciful and provide an indiscreet nose behind the great curtain of nature. The brand's logo is a combination of two ancestral symbols, the "eye of the gods" of the Incas, which evokes access to the hidden meaning of the world, and the Ouroboros, the serpent biting its tail. Shared by several ancient civilizations, it symbolizes eternal recurrence.

At Noeme Paris, the brand's mission is to invite individuals to explore and celebrate the mysteries of the world through its fragrances. By going beyond what is visible and perceivable, the brand creates unique and imaginative scents that capture the essence of the world and encourage individuals to explore their own dreams and imagination. The brand's logo, a combination of two ancient symbols, reflects the brand's commitment to exploring the eternal and unalterable secrets of the world.